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Scott R. Hill, D.M.D.


B.S. - Utah State University

D.M.D. - University of Kentucky, College of Dentistry

Dr. Hill was born and raised in Idaho. He graduated from Utah State University and later earned his Doctorate of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. Dr. Hill and his wife, Julie, have two children, Audrey and Johnny. They love Colorado Springs and are always open to hear fun and exciting places to explore. When he’s not at the office, he enjoys swimming, cycling, running, and plans to complete a full IRONMAN in 2018. Most of all, he enjoys spending time with his family.“I got my first hands-on experience treating people in need of dental care back in 2008 during a humanitarian mission trip to Mexico. It was then that I fully dedicated myself to learning everything I could to provide excellent dental care. I knew at that point that I’d be in a career I truly love and I haven’t looked back since.”Dr. Hill enjoys all aspects of dentistry from dental fillings, treating and alleviating toothaches, simple and complex tooth removal, root canal therapy, performing IV sedation, placing and restoring implants, transforming smiles and lives with cosmetic dental treatment including straightening teeth with clear braces. Treating patients of all ages and seeing the positive impact great dentistry can have on his patients’ lives is what keeps his passion for dentistry.

Patient Testimonials

At North End Dental, our doctors and staff strive to make your experience as positive and comfortable as possible.

Let us help you preserve that beautiful smile of yours together.

Jim H.

Dr. Hill and his staff at North End Dental are amazing. Their office has the most up to date equipment I've ever seen. I had 8 crowns redone on my front uppers and it came out so perfect I can't stop smiling. Dr. Hill was willing to work with me on a payment plan and even though I didn't need it I was pleased to have that option available. I love everything about North End Dental and you will too.

Jonathon T.

Everyone I encounter at North End Dental is friendly, professional and highly competent. I especially appreciate their focus on dental health instead of just trying to sell more procedures. My wife has said the same thing about them. I highly recommend this dental practice.

Art B.

I was recommended by my boss to North End Dental because they were very good and reasonably priced. I had a tooth that was in rough shape and most likely needed extraction. Dr. Hill was glad to discuss options and how much they would cost. Extraction was the best for me, and he executed the procedure flawlessly. I had a lot of apprehension, as I have had extractions that didnt go so well. I will definitely recommend Dr Hill.  Icing on the cake was the price- much less than I had paid in the past.


Preventative care and Cleanings:

A dental prophylaxis (cleaning) procedure is performed to thoroughly clean the teeth. Our hygienists are highly skilled, gentle, and truly care about your dental health. Call today to schedule with us.


Our dentists place tooth colored restorative material after removing any cavities to ensure long term success and a tooth-like appearance.


We offer in-office teeth whitening. Your smile can be brightened by a number of shades in less than 2 hours. After, you will receive custom made trays for home touch-ups.


A dental crown (cap) encases the whole tooth and is the treatment of choice when the majority of the tooth has been compromised by tooth decay, fracture, or other reasons.


Dental veneers offer great aesthetic results with minimal tooth reduction. Our dentists deliver amazing smile makeovers with this excellent option.

Clear Braces:

Clear trays are used in a step by step progression to align the teeth and straighten up your smile.

Wisdom Teeth Removal:

We offer free consults for wisdom teeth removal. We remove impacted wisdom teeth at our office. Insurance typically covers most of the procedure. Call today for a consult.


IV sedation induces a state of deep relaxation and a feeling of not being bothered by what’s going on. The drugs used for IV sedation produce either partial or full memory loss (amnesia) of the visit.

Dental implants:

Dental implants have revolutionized how dentists can replace missing teeth. It is one of the best ways to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth.

Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy has improved dramatically recently. In most cases, treatment of the damaged tooth can be completed in one visit, alleviating pain and allowing healing to begin.


If the removal of all your teeth is necessary, we can provide you with different options to replace the missing teeth whether by partial or full dentures. 

Denture Stabilization:

Tooth Removal:

Our doctors are highly skilled and gentle with removing hopeless teeth. Rarely do we need to send you to specialist for this treatment.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas):

Our dentists use this light form of sedation is used for patients to calm mild forms of dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry offers an excellent way to provide a safe, anxiety-free, dental experience to those who are afraid of the dentist. Ask us about the forms of sedation available and the benefits.


We understand toothaches can be very painful, that's why we routinely schedule time each day for existing patients and new patients to be seen as soon as possible.

Oral Cancer Screening:

This may be done during a routine check-up during your appointment. The exam will include looking for lesions, abnormal findings and tests may be requested to rule out any findings.

TMJ Treatment and bite guards:

Professionally made dental appliances help patients who grind/clench their teeth so they reduce wear on their teeth and muscle strain. They are custom fitted and are made to last.

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