Patient Testimonials

At North End Dental, our doctors and staff strive to make your experience as positive and comfortable as possible.

Let us help you preserve that beautiful smile of yours together.


Jim H.

Dr. Hill and his staff at North End Dental are amazing. Their office has the most up to date equipment I've ever seen. I had 8 crowns redone on my front uppers and it came out so perfect I can't stop smiling. Dr. Hill was willing to work with me on a payment plan and even though I didn't need it I was pleased to have that option available. I love everything about North End Dental and you will too.

Jonathon T.

Everyone I encounter at North End Dental is friendly, professional and highly competent. I especially appreciate their focus on dental health instead of just trying to sell more procedures. My wife has said the same thing about them. I highly recommend this dental practice.

Art B.

I was recommended by my boss to North End Dental because they were very good and reasonably priced. I had a tooth that was in rough shape and most likely needed extraction. Dr. Hill was glad to discuss options and how much they would cost. Extraction was the best for me, and he executed the procedure flawlessly. I had a lot of apprehension, as I have had extractions that didnt go so well. I will definitely recommend Dr Hill.  Icing on the cake was the price- much less than I had paid in the past.